FRIDAY FORUM: Roof SA Part 2 - Transitions
One of the most precarious moments in vertical ventilation operations is the transition on or off the roof from/to the ladder that got you there.  Loss of balance, disorientation due to smoke/fire conditions, wet/icy roofs, movement of the ladder, and...
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FRIDAY FOURM: Roof SA Part 1, Fire Conditions
Situational Awareness is a critical skill for survival in every aspect of firefighting, but particularly on the roof. Consider the environment: working at height, limited entry/egress, above the fire, questionable structural stability, powerful saws, decreased visibility, the list goes on....
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Friday Forum: Words Matter

By recognizing the importance of language and emphasizing that a building should be assumed to be occupied until proven otherwise, firefighters can better assess and respond to the risks posed by abandoned structures.

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