FRIDAY FORUM: Roof SA Part 5 - Final Thoughts...

There’s a ton that could be said about situational awareness during roof ops.  There are many hazards, but much to be gained.  Two final thoughts:

First, know why you’re there, what you’re doing, and what impact you’re going to have.  Roof ops are a thinking man’s game and a lot of freedom and responsibility is placed on the roof team to make the right decisions.  If you don’t know the answer to those three questions, don’t go to the roof.

Second, roof work is fun. Enjoy it. Pull back and reset your mind from your immediate task to the big picture. It will break your tunnel vision and reveal hazards and/or ways to exploit the environment you may not have noticed. But, it will also give you the time to soak up the reality of where you are and the awesome joy to be had in the world’s greatest profession. You will eventually have to climb back down the ladder for the last time. Savor it while you can… (Photo Credit, unknown).

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