Since its inception, it has been the mission of Anderson Rescue Solutions to develop gear meant to thrive in REALITY.  We don’t develop gimmicks. We don’t put things out there we hope will work.  We design off experience; off a view of reality shaped by operating at fires, performing rescues, and attempting to overcome the challenges faced in high risk endeavors. But how do we define that reality?  What are its characteristics, and how have we reached our conclusions as to the nature of it? 

ARS is pleased to announce the Friday Forum. While previously our content has focused on our gear in use, we want to share the vision of the WHY. Why do we believe what we do about the nature of high threat operational environments? What core beliefs shape our view of reality, and what experiences lead to those foundations? We also want to invite discussion with you, our valued customers. We want you to share your experiences and provoke thought among the brothers and sisters who face the same threats every day.

Some posts will be serious, some silly.  Some tricks and tips, some deep dives into personal, sometimes painful experiences that shaped who we are, why we design the gear we do, how we view the context in which it thrives.  Welcome to our reality.  We hope you’ll follow along.

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