FRIDAY FORUM: Made in America

During a break in the crowd at a recent tradeshow, I was chatting with the staff of the booth next to ARS, a company that made tactical medicine equipment for Law Enforcement and other first responders. Among the equipment on display were numerous sewn bags and packs for tourniquets and other medical products.

“Where are your bags made?” I asked.

The sales rep’s voice dropped to a whisper.

“Pakistan.” She said. “I wish we made them here…”

Similarly, I recently purchased a piece of sewn gear for USAR work, made by one of the most prominent manufacturers of tactical and rescue equipment in the country. After a prolonged search, I finally found a tag buried deep in a pocket: “Made in Vietnam.”

We are very proud that every ARS brand product is made right here, in the USA, by Americans. More specifically, the Mountains of West Virginia, North Carolina, and right here at our shop in Raleigh. Our employees get a W2, because they are hard working, tax paying, Americans.

For us this is a value, and the only one that makes sense. Does this mean ARS products cost a little more than some of our competitors? Yes. But ask yourself, where do you want your money going? What nation do you want to support? Pakistan? Vietnam? Or the USA. The choice is yours.

Full disclosure, some of our swag, though printed in the US, was physically made elsewhere. Anyone know who is actually making hats and shirts in the US? Please let us know.

God bless the United States of America.

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